Homemade solutions against molds

Molds are a pesky problem that may cause health problems to anyone inside the home. Molds generally thrive in areas that have a lot of moisture, which is why you have to check under your sink as well as hidden spots in your bathroom for possible growth. You can already call mold exterminators if the molds have spread to an uncontrollable level, but small patches can still be addressed using homemade chemicals. Here are some suggestions from Mold Removal Akron:


One thing you should know about molds is that acid kills them right away. Lemons are also great at getting rid of odors and stains. But for molds, pouring lemon juice directly on the patch will do the trick. Usually, the molds will die out but you can always juice some more lemons if they come back.

Remember to scrub the area with a damp towel after letting it sit for five minutes. You can also mix the lemon juice with some water and spray it onto the moldy patch. Other citrus fruits also work with getting rid of molds, so there’s no need to worry if there are no lemons around.

Baking soda

Molds thrive on moisture, so one way to kill them off is to deprive them of what they need. Baking soda does exactly that, especially when you spray a mixture of it and water onto the problematic patch. Sometimes, vinegar is also added to the water before the baking soda is dissolved.

After a solution is made, spray it onto the molds and let it set. Scrub the molds afterwards and rinse the area with water. Finally, spray the area again and let it dry on its own. For tougher molds, mix two parts baking soda with one part vinegar and one part water and mix until it forms a paste. Rub the paste all over the area until it dries and rinse it with water.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a solution usually found in the medicine cabinet. It is commonly used to disinfect wounds as it kills fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Since molds are also fungi, they can be an effective chemical to use to get rid of them. Most of the time, you are to take 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, spray it onto the moldy surface and let it set for 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can also mix hydrogen peroxide with vinegar. However, the container shouldn’t be transparent and that the mixture should be kept in a dark place, as light reduces the potency of hydrogen peroxide.

Stopping moldy patches before they spread wouldn’t be such a chore by learning how to create solutions that will kill them right away. Once you have seen molds grow in your home, you will be encouraged to check the rest of your living space. But if you can no longer manage the mold problem in your home, you can always call the experts at Mold Removal Akron.